Aircraft Rental

Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective. At CLAA we boast an impressive fleet of aircraft for use in our flight training programs as well as for rental. Rent an aircraft to take out for a spin, or sit back and relax as an experienced pilot provides an unforgettable Discovery Flight. 

Scenic Flights

Enjoy a Scenic Flight around your favorite city or location in a Light Aircraft.

Whether you're looking to take a scenic flight over Atlanta in a Cessna, or in our local community, you'll be ready to explore here at CLAA.


Perfect as an unforgettable way to celebrate a special occasion with friends, these awesome flying experiences make incredibly special experience gifts. With so many locations across the USA, anyone can enjoy a breathtaking Scenic Flight!

Get ready for a real adrenaline buzz as you soar through the sky in your chosen aircraft, and prepare yourself for breath-taking views. Just don’t forget your camera, as you will definitely want to capture the spellbinding magic of your scenic flight!


Photo Flights

CLAA has been providing a stable, flexible aerial photography platform for amateur and professional photographers and videographers since 20 March 2019. Aerial photography is one of our passions. We can provide the following photo flights:


  • Commercial video productions. We have worked with several video production companies on a wide variety of commercial video projects for tourism, environmental studies, and education.

  • Automobile, truck, and dune buggy activity on closed test tracks and live racing events. We have worked with numerous photographers and video crews for still and video photography, including high-speed chase sequences.

  • Real estate photography. We have worked with numerous photographers for still photographs of undeveloped and developed property, including empty land and buildings.

  • Architectural and civil engineering projects photography. We have worked with still photographers to photograph road work and bridges under construction.

Rent & Fly

Aero Atlanta boasts the most modern and well-maintained aircraft rental fleet in the Atlanta area. We offer a wide variety of airplanes including complex and high-performance aircraft from leading manufacturers like Cirrus, Cessna and Piper.

Contact us for pricing!