About CLAA

Closer Look Aviation Academy is a premier flight school in the Griffin-Spalding area. Our mission is to educate and train pilots in a fun, relaxed atmosphere in their journey on becoming professionals and leaders in the aviation industry. We want all of our students to become safe, confident operators and owners of high-performance, technically-advanced aircraft. 

Closer Look currently operated in Peachtree City and moved our fleet and operations to 6A2 Griffin-Spalding Airport with plans to open additional metro-Atlanta locations in the near future.


We have a safety-first culture that centers around our modern fleet. Our fleet allows pilots of all experience levels the opportunity to fly under the supervision of our Flight Instructors. Whether clients are looking to take to the skies for the first time, or ready to step up to ownership, Closer Look is here to help current and future aviators discover what it truly means to live in the skies. 

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Discovery Flight


The Discovery Flight is designed to help you understand what flying is about and all that is involved. It lasts about 30 minutes. As lesson #1, it is designed to show you what flying an airplane is like, a chance to explain what learning to fly is all about, and to meet the staff and tour our flight school. 


Once the pre-flight checks are completed, it’s time to take off and “slip the surly bonds.” In the air you will do most of the flying, learning how to turn, climb, descend, and slow down/speed up: generally getting the feel for the airplane. You will be surprised how easy it really is and how awesome it feels to be flying your own airplane. After joining the traffic pattern at the airport you and your instructor will land the aircraft.


A Discovery Flight usually takes an hour to complete, including the 30-minute flight. The cost of a Discovery Flight is $99.00 plus tax.


For questions or to book your Discovery Flight please call (678) 878-7139.